3 Types of Content Marketing Videos That Can Be Created with Screen Recording

Are you trying to think of the types of content marketing videos that you can create to promote your brand or its wares? If you are you should definitely consider screen recording – as it will enable you to create several types of videos that are excellent for content marketing.

If you want to explore the types of content marketing videos that you can use screen recording to create, there are 3 popular options that stand out:

  • Video guides

As you’re probably aware video guides are one of the most enduring and popular types of video content – which makes them perfect for content marketing. Screen recording will enable you to record the footage that you need to create video guides involving any digital products, including software, eBooks, web-based services, and so on.

If you do opt to create video guides, be sure that you don’t explicitly promote your brand but rather use the video as an opportunity to showcase its products being used and the benefits they can provide.

  • Expert interviews

While it is true that conventional interviews are normally conducted face to face – nowadays using video calls for interviews is becoming increasingly common. Not only is it more convenient to interview someone via video call, but with screen recording it is much easier to record the interview as well.

The key to creating great expert interview videos for content marketing is to nail the interview itself. That can be tough if you’ve never interviewed someone in the past, but learning the right types of questions to ask in interviews is a good start.

  • Product reviews

Just as with video guides, screen recording will enable you to record footage of digital products that you may want to review. It should be noted that when you create product reviews for content marketing you should never review your own brand’s products or its direct competitors – but rather provide unbiased views on other related products.

While the content of your review is important, your personality can matter a lot as well. In particular you should try to avoid it appearing too scripted, and instead should prepare talking points and riff the review.

To create any of these types of videos all you need is a screen recorder, and possibly an editor to compile the footage and tidy it up later. Some screen recorders have built-in editors, for example Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Considering the types of videos listed above have all proven to be popular and effective videos for content marketing, you really can’t go wrong if you opt to create them. In fact as you start to use screen recording you may even think of other types of videos you can create with it as well.

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