4 Tips on Identifying Real Estate with Promising Returns Potential

Making a real estate investment is no different than putting a monetary stake in any other avenue that promises returns. For your part (when engaged in such ventures), you need to figure out the opportunities that help in reducing risk and maximizing ROI.

Now there are numerous factors upon which a successful property investment gig is hinged. To give you a starting idea regarding all these parameters, we’ve listed a number of success-begetting real estate investment opportunities here that can be lucrative from both the investment and ownership points of view.

Consider the Location

One of the major elements that makes any real estate investment financially lucrative concern’s a property’s location. This is the primary factor that makes a real estate site either pricy or cheap over a given period. And talking about location, there several sub-factors, which, in turn, dictate property prices, including the provisions of nearby schools, commercial markets, motorway highways, and other basic life necessities.

You need to choose between investing in your local market or a remote location, depending on which avenue would prove to be more profitable. You can maximize your profits if you become adept at the art of making good investments in remote locations. The contemplative process all boils down to differentiation factors like property rates, market demography, and the price determinants specific to a location. To look at locations with all facilities in the nearby vicinities, open street map can be a tool to make a location decision.

Follow the Market Trends

Before commencing with your real estate investment sprees, go through the market trend reports online to make sense of your local property sector situation. Real estate prices tend to shift every day, and so you need to keep on top of them to isolate any lucrative opportunities for investment. Make sure you track the market activity of the big investors, as these parties (comprising both individuals and groups) are generally well-versed in spotting good investments from afar. Simply put, they know what to buy, and when to buy. And usually, they are the ‘early birds’ when it comes to scoring the maximum slice of a budding investment deal.

Additionally, you need to see which property sites interest agents, as this speculative grouping is always aware of what’s going on in the market. Using the insights gained from them, look for any market gaps and make haste to fill them – as this will help you score big in the long run. To look at the market trends, visit websites like 99acres and prop.pk.  Market trends are the usual benchmark for investors to go ahead on real estate decisions.


When making a property investment, make sure you go through the regulations of the local market. Some markets are investor-friendly, while others are not so. Compare two different properties before you make a final decision; this way you’ll be able to make a choice with all the additional costs of regulations in your view. This might seem a bit of an extra hassle, but the effort makes a whole world of difference if you’re looking to buy a property for investment purposes. Also, do bear in mind that building regulations can vary from place to place, and may be different for free zone areas, residential zones and commercial localities.

Distance to Major Landmarks across the City

One element that make a huge difference concerns the spatial proximity of a town, residential area or scheme to a main city center. Across all major metropolises, commuters usually have to travel a lot of distance within the city.

Pro Tip: Make your residential and commercial investments in your city’s downtown area. This make the value of the property rise by multiple folds over a given period.

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