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Scrum, a framework developed in the 1990s for better functioning of corporates is now one of the biggest methodologies for an agile market. Its functionality includes developing a cycle that addresses adversities in the meantime providing a creative solution for maximum output and production. Among the three divisions of the Scrum- Scrum team, Scrum product owner and Scrum Master, a Scrum master is responsible to disperse the methodologies of Scrums onto others in the team. Scrum masters have a thorough knowledge of Scrums functioning, values, mission and act as mediators between the Scrum Team and Scrum product owner.

Let’s look at ways one can become a Scrum Master

  1. CSM Course:

There are many websites like simple learn, grey campus and plural slight that provide individuals with Agile Scrum Master (ASM) Training and Professional Scrum Master CourseIt is important to understand that to become a Scrum master one should have fulfilled a course in CSM or Certified Scrum Master. Hence, a prior ASM and CSM certification is key.

  1. Exam:

To prove one’s understanding of the methodologies and functioning of Scrum, they need to appear for an exam. The exam tests the aptitude and knowledge of the individual applying to become a professional Scrum Master.

  1. 2-day course:

Once through PSM training, CSM courses and CSM exams, you are now to attend a two-day learning course by certified Scrum Master Trainers. The course will take you through Agile, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum events, Scrum roles, responsibilities, and discussions. Now, with the knowledge acquired from course, you will be asked to sit for an exam that will test your skills. Once cleared, you’ll be a certified Scrum Master.

Being a Scrum master in a team is a responsibility. Some key components of which are:

  1. Keeping the team together and making not only the team but the outsiders understand the working and methodologies of Scrum.
  2. Keeping in consideration that you are working as a team manager or a coach you should be well informed about Scrums framework.
  3. Marking sure the team members have gone through Professional Scrum Master Course and have a fair idea of Scrum.

These are few among the many responsibilities a scrum master has to bear. The courses and training for Scrum, starting from PSM Course to CSM certification are provided throughout the globe. There are physical centers in every country where one can visit and complete their certification. Having a certification always comes in handy and puts you above anyone without a certification. Scrum is a highly followed methodology in the corporate arena. Major MNC’S and TCS’s follow the principals of Scrums. Not to forget that a Scrum master also has a good amount of annual income. Hence, being a full-time Scrum master or Scrum Certified trainer is always a career option. Get your certification now and become a pro in the corporate environment.

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