Common Mistakes to avoid when dealing with Insurance Companies after an Auto Accident

Just like most small business owners, you are likely to make errors when dealing with an insurance company after a car accident in Washington State. It is easy to make these mistakes but always remembers that no matter how minor the mistake might seem, it can have very serious consequences. Therefore, it wise to retain the services of a Kent car accident lawyer who can handle the settlement process and when necessary, help you file a personal injury claim in time.

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when dealing with insurance service providers after an auto accident.

1. Failing to notify your insurer immediately

The moment you realize that you have been involved in an auto crash, call your insurer immediately. Don’t delay. This is crucial for two significant reasons. First, personal injury claims are easy to evaluate and adjust when events have just happened, and the evidence is still fresh. Note that witnesses’ memories and physical evidence fade over time.

Secondly, timely notification is one of the strict conditions associated with coverage in many auto insurance policies. It is also important to get in touch with an experienced lawyer who can help you collect the important pieces of evidence after the crash and probably initiate the settlement processor file a lawsuit as you recover from your injuries.

2. Improper documentation

Generally, poor documentation on the part of the plaintiff or victim of a car accident might delay the process of their personal injury claim. It is recommended to document every communication you have with the other parties involved in the crash and your insurer. Consider recording the date, time, and the content of all verbal conversations regarding the accident and claim.

You can also document the crash scene by taking photographs. Take photos of your injuries (if any), the injuries of the passengers and the other drivers. You can also capture the images of the damaged vehicles and skid lines. If you were injured, seek medical attention and remember to keep these medically related records safely. Your attorney will require all these details and pieces of evidence when helping to pursue a personal injury claim.

3. Not calling the police

In some auto accidents, you may unknowingly violate the terms and conditions of your insurance policy if you don’t call the police. Most policies and traffic laws require you to contact the police if there has been a crash. Therefore, if you have been involved in a crash, no matter how minor it is or even when you already know that you are responsible for the accident, just call the police.

4. Failure to read your policy carefully

Few vehicle owners and drivers enjoy reading the lengthy, hard-to-understand insurance contracts. But reading your insurance policy carefully and understanding it is very important. If you are facing challenges when reading such a contract, it is important to get in touch with an attorney to help you understand it better.

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