Do You Know What To Do After a Car Accident?

A car accident is one of the worst events you can experience. It happens suddenly, violently, and it can result in a significant loss in money and physical impairment. There are a lot of things to worry about in the minutes following a crash. Your mind is racing, and you may not be thinking clearly. This may cause you to make some serious mistakes. If you find yourself in a fender bender, would you know what you should do?

Are You Injured?

Once the dust settles and your car comes to a stop, it might take you a few seconds to regain your bearings. The first thing you should do is evaluate yourself for anything that hurts. Take your time – your adrenaline is flowing, and it may mask any signs of impairment or pain. Do not spring up right away as it may cause further injury. If you do feel pain anywhere in your body, and you cannot move, then don’t. Contacting a car accident law firm clearwater florida may help you understand your injury rights. For now, remain in your car and wait until help arrives.

Has Anyone Called the Police?

If you have a cellphone and can utilize it, you should go ahead and call the accident in yourself. You don’t know the other driver’s condition, and you don’t want to waste time expecting someone else to do it. Make sure you let them know you may be injured and if you aren’t, you may want to advise them you don’t know the condition of the other people involved, so they send paramedics to assess the situation.

Did You Take Pictures of the Scene?

If you aren’t injured, your first impulse after jumping out and checking on the other driver may be to move the cars. Don’t do this quite yet. Get a few pictures of exactly how the cars look immediately following the accident. Once you move them, you lose exact positioning and vital evidence. Try and get the road or landmarks in at least one picture to give the authorities a vantage point.

Did the Parties Exchange Information?

Some accidents don’t seem so serious, and the police will not take the time to come out and do a report. You should be prepared instead to exchange information with the other party involved. You will want to get pictures of:

Keeping your wits about you after an accident may prove difficult. However, the information you gather in the aftermath may prove invaluable in the steps to come.

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