Domestic Violence Lawyer Toronto: Things To Do When Charged With Domestic Assault

You definitely need domestic violence lawyer Toronto when you are charged with domestic assault. Though there is no particular offense for domestic violence in the Toronto criminal code, violence charges that are domestic in natures are nowadays being taken very serious by the crown attorney’s, police and the courts.

This has been accessioned by the worrying number of domestic violence cases witnessed nowadays. Getting convicted for domestic violence can be detrimental to you and your family. These effects are usually long-term. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you need a domestic violence lawyer Toronto to defend you.

  1. Talk With Your Criminal Lawyer.

To many people, this is an obvious thing to do. However, you will be surprised by the worrying number of people who don’t speak to their lawyer when they are charged with domestic violence. This is your fundamental right accorded to you under Toronto charter for the rights and freedoms.

A domestic violence lawyer Toronto will be able to offer you with the legal advice when arrested and charged with domestic violence. For instance, it is your right not to speak to the police, and it is recommended that you remain silent. This right defends that.

  1. Adhere To Your Bail Conditions.

Once you granted the bail by the court and you go out from the custody, it is essential that you adhere to your bail conditions. Whenever you fail to do so, you may be charged with more criminal offenses. If arrested for failing to adhere to these conditions, you will be held for another bail hearing, and this time it could be hard to convince the judges why you should be re-released on bail. The offense of domestic violence is bad enough; you shouldn’t make things worse by other charges of in compliance to bail conditions.

  1. Hire Domestic Violence Lawyer Toronto.

It is advised that you should hire a domestic violence lawyer Toronto asap. The longer you stay, the more chances are for things to go wrong. Hiring a Toronto lawyer right away comes with many benefits. First, you can get legal advice from an experienced lawyer dealing with these issues. It is not easy to understand the way the criminal justice system operates in this country. The entire process from when you are arrested to when you are charged or released can be confusing and challenging.

  1. Don’t Share Information about Your Offence Accused Of With Anyone Apart From Your Lawyer.

This is common sense. You are supposed to do so only if your lawyer advises you to do so. Don’t think that your family, co-workers or friends will resolve your charges or get the charges terminated. Doing so will only increase attention to the charges, and you are not guaranteed that these people won’t share the information with the third parties. Besides, some might have bad intentions and record your conversation and leak it to your accuser.

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