Games Bless Us with Happiness

It is pretty common for kids to yearn for playing games. They become delighted if they are allowed to do so, and disgruntled if something comes in their way of engaging in their favourite diversions. When India witnesses cricket frenzy, it is not just the players who are participating. Actually, the whole nation is involved in their game play with bated breath and experiences a high adrenaline rush with each ball. That is the magic of games. They give us a heightened sense of excitement and merriment. Games bestow us with multifarious boons, one of which is lifting our mood and making us experience a unique bliss.


Games are wonderful leisure pursuits that help us vent out our pent-up aggression, stress due to studies or work pressure or any other circumstances, in a healthy and controlled manner. They channelize our energy into something constructive. Participation in games lowers the level of stress hormones in our body. It also enhances the production of endorphins, the natural mood lifter hormones that help us relax. They help keep stress and depression at bay.

Even video games and online games offer wonderful entertainment, so that we forget about the negative aspects of our life and feel rejuvenated and at peace. These games are even being used by doctors to divert the attention of patients while treating them, to ease their pain and cheer them up.

A Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body

Participation in games can work wonders for our physical as well as mental health. All the outdoor games and even some video games like Dance Dance Revolution make us physically active. Physical activities make the immunity boosters white blood cells move faster, so that we perspire more when we play, which helps our body get rid of toxins. This helps the players to have a robust body, good physique and immunity from diseases, and as a result they feel happy.

Another fact is that those who practise mind games such as chess, crossword puzzles, rummy game and sudoku tend to be mentally very sharp and quick. These games help you exercise your mental faculties in an interesting manner and enhance your mood.


People who engage in games have better prospects of interacting and mingling with others of their ilk. This acquaintance breeds long lasting friendships. Players playing together as a team strive for a common goal, share and celebrate together. Friends are a sure-shot way to joyfulness – psychologists opine so.

There was a time when friends used to get together and organize elaborate LAN gaming parties. Though they played against one another, this activity not only entertained all of them but also strengthened their bonds.


Games help to develop the strength, speed, skill, stamina and flexibility of players and foster in them several wonderful traits that prove helpful at all times. For instance, leadership skills, dealing with diverse and hard situations, social skills, sportsmanship spirit, never-say-die attitude, endurance, analytical and critical thinking abilities, poise, endurance, discipline, time and resource management, determination etc. All these personality-enhancing qualities boost your confidence and self esteem like anything, thereby leading to contentment from within and happiness.

Besides, we experience a sense of achievement and success when we compete against others or sometimes, our own previous records and perform well. Of course, there can be nothing like success to feel blissful. Apart from this, participation in games and sports ensures that we no longer feel scared of facing challenges in life; thus, feeling motivated and happy.

Sleeping Patterns

Those who indulge in physical games get better sleep; and other wise also, all kinds of games help us relax and rejuvenate and this too helps us sleep better. Adequate and improved sleep aids in a better outlook for the day, which in turn, boosts positivity and mood.


Be it sports or video/online games, they propel us to understand that we should put in our best efforts but must not stress about the result. We should give our 100% to whatever we do and enjoy the game-play – and in the long run, the journey of life. We grasp the fact that process is more significant than result. If the process is right, success will soon come our way.

We realize that success and failure are two sides of the same coin – we should take both of them in our stride. Success gives us good memories and failure gives us good lessons. Games act as superb levellers – we lose one day only to bounce back with enhanced vigour and zeal the next day. No loss is permanent. Even a loss teaches us how not to do something, or how to improve our techniques and ways. No setback is ever-lasting, one must never lose hope. Hope means optimism and optimism means contentment.

Apart from this, we learn not to be chauvinistic when we win; or dejected and humiliated when we lose. We learn to respect others and ourselves. We become high on emotional quotient and ethics, which again lead to bliss.

To Conclude

Games are a powerful tool to promote health, positivity and contentment; and thereby joy. All of us should try to indulge in one or the other game. Those who are physically fit can go for any game – indoor or outdoor, according to their inclination. However, those of us who cannot participate in games involving physical activity due to health or age factors can opt for indoor games or good video games or online games. Another great option is to have vicarious experience of your favourite games by engaging in them as spectators. Set yourself rolling with games!

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