Gather Evidence for Divorce Court with an Investigator

There are many different situations that call for the use of a private investigator. You may be able to find out more information when you use a third party. Significant others often act strange when something is going on, however, they may also hide it well. Some people hire investigators for petty reasons, wasting their money and not accomplishing much. There are some valid reasons, however, to bring in an investigator. The laws in many places state that infidelity is grounds for divorce, for example. You may have an idea of what is going on, but need an investigator to make sure that you are right. Custody situations may also be difficult if you feel there are safety issues. Get the evidence that you need with a private investigator.


Many people feel like they know when their spouse is cheating on them. This can be incredibly difficult to prove, however. It is not like in the movies when they come home with lipstick or perfume on their collar. You cannot be everywhere that your spouse is. Many people drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what is going on. They may sneak out and dig through the car at night, hack into locked phones, or miss days of work following them around. This can be incredibly exhausting and potentially dangerous. If you are filing for divorce and need proof of infidelity, consider private investigation in Melbourne.


Custody cases with kids can be incredibly stressful. There are usually laws that dictate who is considered for primary custody and visitation schedules. There are times when one parent is causing some problems that are difficult to prove. They may be abusive, negligent, or have addiction problems. If you are having a hard time proving their behaviour, a private investigator can help you dig a little deeper. It takes a lot of evidence in court for a judge to make special custody or visitation arrangements. If you are determined to keep your children safe, an investigator may be necessary.

The Evidence

Investigators may supply several different types of evidence. Most of them know what is submissible in court and what is not. You may be given pictures, phone recordings, or documents. A good investigator knows to look at the actions of a person, as well as their online activity. The may even find ways to investigate the past for more proof of the complications that you suspect.

Private investigation can give you some solid evidence to help prove your claims in court. There are many times when a divorce may not turn out as planned due to lack of evidence. It can be difficult to prove infidelity if you never see two people together. An investigator may be able to take a different approach to finding the couple. The safety of children is also a big issue in custody cases. A judge, however, cannot rule on something you simply suspect. Hard evidence can help to keep children in a safe home. Meet with an investigator to see what they can do for you.

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