Have You Been Charged with a Crime?

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to obtain legal help immediately. This is one of those situations where you need the help of an experienced defence lawyer. Because an arrest can be a daunting experience, you need to rely on the proper legal advice. Any such case should be considered high-priority by the firm offering its services.

Have You Been Issued an ASBO?

When reviewing legal firms, find a leading law firm in London that can handle the specifics of your kind of case. For instance, if the firm handles ASBOs and you have been served with this type of order, it is better to choose this type of firm, as it is familiar with this type of legal action.

Antisocial behaviour orders or ASBOS can be used to prevent anyone from the age of 10 to stop distressing, harassing, or antagonising other people. This type of order can be issued for as long as two years, and lists what the person must do to prevent further problems. Therefore, an ASBO can tell a person to stay away from specific locations or not to contact certain people. It can also prevent certain activities, such as defacing a wall with graffiti.

If you happen to break the order, you can receive a community sentence or even get sentenced to prison for as long as five years. These applications may be made by councils or the House Executive. ASBOs can also be made along with sentencing for a crime. Because an ASBO is a civil order, you typically will not receive a criminal record unless the order’s terms are ignored or broken.

Types of Criminal Cases

Maybe the legal firm handles confiscation applications or helps defend litigants charged with homicide. Some firms support defendants who have been charged with sexual and pornography offences while others focus on road traffic matters.

If you find a law firm that handles all of these kinds of cases, you can feel more confident about the outcome of your own legal case. When choosing a legal firm, just make sure that it specialises in matters related to your particular case. That way, you can plan a legal strategy that will help support your defence.

Reviewing the Fees for Your Defence

Being arrested for a crime can greatly disrupt your life. Therefore, you need to make sure you obtain the proper representation. That is why you need to carefully review the areas where a defence attorney can help. Work with a firm that deals with cases under the current provisions of Legal Aid, as well as accepts instructions from clients privately. If you can find a firm that offers private legal help at a fixed fee, you should strongly consider the law firm’s services.



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