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How Cell Phones Can Play a Role in Domestic Violence Cases

If you are being mistreated in a relationship or are a victim of domestic violence, sometimes proving your case isn’t always easy. But if you can obtain evidence of domestic violence by using cellphones, it could be enough proof needed to get the responsible party charged with domestic violence Scottsdale.

It is important to always work with an attorney to know the laws and the steps to take when thinking about using a cellphone to capture evidence. Also, trust an attorney to be able to handle the evidence and build your case.


After speaking with your attorney to learn more, then set-up a plan. The next step is to set-up a secure and new email account to send the files to. This will be a safe place to document the evidence as well as guarantee they will be time stamped.

Voice Recordings

Most cellphones can take photos and have voice recording functions. Try to record any threats, arguments or verbal abuse that occurs. Remember, it is illegal to record someone without their consent, which is why speaking with an attorney first is always a smart idea. After getting your evidence, make sure to send it to your secure email as soon as you can.


In addition to recordings, take any photos of bruises or injuries that occur from domestic violence. Again, make sure to send these to your secure email right away address, documenting the events of what happened. It is a good idea to double check that the photo has the correct time stamp.


If certain things are known to provoke abuse, like alcohol or prescription drugs, try to get evidence of it. If you can, get the photos of the receipts or the items. If there is a name and date on it, make sure those are visible in the photos.

Always be smart when it comes to collecting evidence with your cellphone. Delete all recordings and photos right after you send them to your email to prevent getting caught.

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