How Is Bail Set?

Getting out of jail is not always so easy, but the idea of bail makes it a bit more tolerable. When someone is arrested, the best thing to do is remain calm and allow the system to run its course. The court system wants to get you back home as quickly as possible in most cases as well. This is due to the high cost of housing someone who is charged with a crime, yet has not even been convicted yet. This is why most crimes will allow for bail to be set. If you pay that, the person can be released. In order to better understand how this works, it is helpful to understand how bail is set in the first place.

What Is A Pretrial Release?

Remember that being arrested does not mean the person is guilty. A trial typically needs to be held first. While the accused is awaiting this trial, it is possible to be released from jail and be allowed to return home as long as certain conditions are met. With Dauphin County bail bonds, a certain amount of cash can often be paid as a guarantee that all court appearances are made until the situation is finally resolved one way or another.

Understanding Bail Schedules and Hearings

You might wonder how a judge actually arrives at a bail amount. It is not just some arbitrary figure that they arrive at based on their mood at the moment. Rather, the judge has some discretion in examining the nature of the charges and the record of the accused when setting bail. In many cases, there will be a bail schedule that the judge can consult. This will determine, to a large degree, the amount of bail given the crime that the person has been accused of. If no such schedule exists, then a hearing will likely be held to determine bail.

If you know someone who is in jail, begin now to prepare ways to help him or her get out. There are options in the form of bail bonds. Contact a company in your area to learn how they work.

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