How Long Does THC Stay In Your System For Skinny Users?

If you have a drug test coming up soon at work and you’re hoping you have some sort of significant advantage because you’re pretty skinny, I’m sorry to say it won’t make a huge difference. It’s true that THC and other cannabinoid metabolites store themselves in your fat cells, but simply being skinny does not guarantee much because there are so many other factors. Being skinny, however, may increase your odds of actually passing the test if you actually still prepare for it. There are quite a few different kinds of drug tests, but there are at least some methods for each that have seen lots of success, but aren’t guaranteed. Asking ‘how long does THC stay in your system’ if you’re skinny is like asking ‘how long does THC stay in your system if you have a vitamin A deficiency’. It’s only one small variable in a very expansive list. Here’s a few solutions to look into for each kind of drug test.

    Urine Tests

    Thankfully urine tests are the most common type of drug test and if you have at least a few days notice you can almost certainly pass with a couple different methods. Each is a bit risky and requires a certain element of stealth, but I suppose it all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in to keep the job. Detox drinks and synthetic urines are the two most popular and consistent methods of sliding under urinalysis radar.


Saliva tests are generally given with the intent of identifying very recent users of cannabis. It is almost exclusively used to hand out DUI’s to drivers they suspect to be stoned. Problem is, someone who smokes often can be entirely stone cold sober and still test positive for a saliva test administered by a police officer. Either way, you can get some detox emergency gums that work within five minutes, but they cost a ton and you need to find a very reliable source since there are a ton of fakes.



Hair tests kind of suck because they require some drastic measures. Detox shampoos can be made with common home ingredients, but even natural homemade recipes will leave your hair pretty damaged. This requires you to be very thorough and dedicate a lot of time to the cleaning process. As for how long THC stays in your system, the answer is ‘usually pretty long’ but if you do have a drug test coming up you should really look into some more reliable sources than this.

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