How to Make Successful Sales  On Instagram

As we all know Instagram has become one of the main platforms for selling various types of goods and services. Before it used to be just an app used for sharing pictures and videos, but now, after several updates and with the introduction of some key features, people quickly learned to take advantage of them and started marketing and selling their products.

The introduction of Instagram direct messages, or DM for short, was a game changer for a lot of people. instagram bot allows people to privately message other people on Instagram. It’s not a necessary condition that those people should be following you. You can send a message and request them to respond, to which people will follow through if they are genuinely interested in whatever you are selling. Even though you can post pictures and videos of products on Instagram, it is highly unlikely for people to visit your profile as they would rather prefer checking out posts uploaded by their friends. This is where Instagram DM comes into play. Instagram DM gives sellers an opportunity to explain their products to customers. With a lot of people selling a lot of similar products online, the seller’s explanation and presentation are what makes the customers decide whether they should buy your product or somebody else’s. You have to be subtle about it. There are a lot of marketing strategies and forcing them to buy by sending intrusive messages and spamming isn’t one of them. Make sure you add promotional discounts up to 15 or 20% and this will majorly help attract customers.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you sell your products a bit better.

Make it convenient:

People usually do not like going away from Instagram just to check out the products that you’re offering. This is where you have to make sure that they can look at your products and purchase your product without moving too far away from the app. One way to do it is by creating a shoppable Instagram gallery, where you can link your website to a picture that you have uploaded. Uploading pictures of your products will get your customers intrigued. Once they visit your profile, they can click on the link and easily purchase whatever you are offering. This boasts the convenience that you have to offer while buying products and will definitely attract more traffic.

Try and use customer photos:

There are plenty of models you can use for marketing purposes and sell your products. And this is what most of the huge companies do in the name of sponsorship and other things. But this usually works for brands that have already made their name in the business industry. What usually works on social media websites and apps or anywhere for that matter is uploading pictures of your customers using your product. When it’s a customer’s picture, there is an automatic trust that starts developing between your brand and other customers.

Explain your products:

No matter how good your product looks or how well it works, you should always give people a reason as they why they need your product. You won’t get any results just by posting pictures of your products. Use the pics and add hashtags to promote your products. Add pictures that your customers can relate to. This will ensure that you get the maximum traffic.

Use influencers:

I am not sure how many of you have heard of this, but Instagram influencers are basically those who have a huge number of followers and an established credibility. Influencers, as the name suggests, can easily influence a lot of people to either follow your product or drop it altogether. It’s really beneficial to partner with an influencer who’s interested in the types of products that you’re selling. If the influencer likes your product, they can make sure your product receives a lot of recognition.

Track your performance:

One important thing to know is how good or bad your strategy is working out. By tracking your performance, that is, seeing which type of product is being sold the most, where is the most traffic coming from and through which link are they getting to your product, you can see where you’re going right and where your strategy is proving useless. By having an accurate data related to all this, you can change up the strategy and experiment with new things until you come up with a plan that will start getting you consistently positive feedback.

Never spam your ads:

Yes, it is important to regularly send promotional messages and events to your followers to keep your company and brand reputation relevant in the industry. But if you do it too much, then it’s possible for your followers to get annoyed and overwhelmed which will eventually lead to them unfollowing you. And once you start losing followers, there is no easy way to get back up. Finding a balance between the two is a key factor in maintaining a good relationship with your followers.

Interaction is important:

When people start looking at your products, they may have several questions and concerns regarding the same. Engage in conversations and answer all their questions clearly. Just trying to sell your products without engagement with your followers won’t cut it. You need to maintain a healthy relationship with your followers and resolve any issues in a professional way.

Most of these tips will help you make good sales on Instagram. Note that these are just a few general tips. There are a lot of specific factors involved while considering everything. But this will give you an idea of how to go about it. Visit for more information.

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