Implementing Tekmetric Auto Repair Software The Pilot and Training Phase

The beginning stages of implementing software is essential to the overall success of your business. This is probably the most difficult stage of implementation, its new, its unfamiliar and at times, you and your staff are going to find it quite challenging. However, it is essential that you get through this phase in order to fully reap the benefits of the auto repair software. Here is some advice to assist you in this process.

Business process identification

There will be several business processes supported by the software, but some of them won’t. For example, customer transportation, quote generation, appointment scheduling are typical business processes that will be streamlined by the auto repair software.

Specify the business processes

Once you have made a list of each business process, the next phase is to specify the steps in each process. This stage is made a lot easier if the person who performs the business process describes the definitions. It is important that each process is accurately defined before moving on to the next stage.

Synchronizing the system and the process

You will now need to decide how many steps in each process you would like the software to take over. Make sure the steps used by the system to perform the process are also documented in detail, because you will use this information to create a guide that will support the training and pilot phase.

Create a schedule

Now that you have documented the steps and how they are to be performed, the next stage is to create a pilot and training schedule. During training, each employee will learn how to use the different parts of the system. Therefore, the schedule should reflect when each staff member will learn their parts.

The pilot and training process

There is no one size fits all for this phase, each company will have different requirements. Therefore, there is no set time for this period, just continue with the training until all staff members are comfortable with the auto repair software.

Software can be expensive; therefore, you want to make sure that you are purchasing the best kind for your company before making a financial commitment. Most software companies require that you sign a contract, if you are not happy with the system, the only way you can get out of the contract is if you pay a fee, and this is often the balance of the contract. You can avoid this by taking a software test-drive. Tekmetric is offering a free trial for the rest of 2018, there is no contract to sign, there are no hidden costs, and there is no cancellation fee if you decide that it’s not what your company needs at the end of the year.

A free trial is the most effective way to determine whether the auto repair software is going to be of any benefit to your company. When you are doing your research, it is also important that you find a software company that is offering a free trial that is longer than thirty days so that you can effectively measure the benefits.

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