Important Moving Terms You Should Know About Moving and Storage Companies, Toronto

Many people are unfamiliar with a number of words that are unique to the moving industry. Here are a couple of the most commonly used terms and what they mean in terms of your relocation.

  • Travel Time: This is the time it takes to get the crew from their warehouse to the job site and back again at the end of the transfer. Some businesses charge a separate fee for this, while others charge more in the first hour to compensate for the travel time.
  • Drive Time: This is the amount of time it takes to travel from your initial pickup spot to your final destination. This is usually when the belongings are loaded into the moving vehicle.
  • Basic Valuation Coverage:  Both moving firms should provide you with this kind of coverage. This should be included in your transfer because it protects your belongings from harm for up to 60 cents a pound per article. It’s important to understand the distinction between this and general liability insurance, so ask the moving firm about it.
  • Inventorying:  When products are sent to a moving company’s storage unit, this is a common procedure. Prior to moving into storage and the company assuming ownership and responsibility for the products, it is highly advised (and in some cases required) that a moving company write up a complete list of items and losses noted. A tag with a particular color and set of numbers is often placed on each object, including boxes, by movers, which can often supply you with a copy of the corresponding list. This way, when the things are returned to you, you can check them off and notice any new injury.
  • Packing: Packing is a term used in the moving industry to describe the process of loading objects into a package. It is sometimes confused with loading (truck packing) and covering and protecting products (packing up the furniture).

This are only a few of the moving-related words you can come across during your hunt for a mover, so if you have any questions, make sure to contact the moving company for guidance.

Conclusion –

Many storages and moving companies in Toronto, Canada go to great lengths to ensure that you get first-rate support from the moment you contact our professional customer service team to the time we complete your shift. It is critical to Best movers and storage in Toronto that the transfer goes smoothly, alleviating all the hassle that comes with moving. Your transfer, whether local or global, will be completed with the utmost ease thanks to our professional, accessible, and cheap moving services Toronto.

If you have any concerns about our Toronto mover and storage service, please email our helpful customer service team at, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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