Link Building Techniques to Acquire the Most Engagement

 An important part of SEO services. Link building is the process of gaining hyperlinks from other websites to back to your own. Generally, in this process a user navigates between different pages on the internet from the virtual recommendation of the other by providing domain authority.

Link building is a must employ process if you want to increase your website’s visibility and the ranking for search engine optimisation.

The process may be difficult to continue with as the rules and algorithm keeps changing every month or year. But you need to make yourself adaptable to such changes and always be ready to face upcoming challenges.

Who doesn’t want to see his/her website ranking first in the search engine? Obviously, everybody want to see their website ranking high. But it doesn’t mean that you give spam links to get your website high in the ranking.

Google immediately finds spam links and punishes such websites. So you must be sure of the links that you’re providing are quality links.

Link Building Techniques

Link building isn’t an easy task to do, still there are some link building techniques that may help professionals to get their website viewed and ranked high in the search engines like Google and will ultimately have a significant impact on your awareness, leads and B2B Sales results.

  1. Ask your known ones with blog for links 

Do you know somebody with their own blog or website, may be any of your friends, relatives, partners, colleagues? If yes, this can be a good start for your SEO, especially when you’re a beginner or a small business. You have to ask them for backlinks to your website. It would be better if you ask them for in-content links rather than the links on the sidebar or footer.

You need to be very careful about where the links are coming from. You must ensure that the coming links are from a website that is relevant to your niche. 

  1. Build healthy relationships 

You might have heard of the Link Building Experts Group on Facebook, you should start making contacts with such niche-related communities: forums, blogs or social groups. Therefore, for building good links you need to create good relationships with new contacts.

Take the initiative and start contributing with interesting and pertinent comments and posts thus providing contextual value to each discussion going on. Hence, an active participation in such online communities focused on your niche let you gain some good backlinks as well as keep you updated about the newest industry news. This also makes you able to connect to some interesting people in the industry with the same niche. 

  1. Write a testimonial 

To get good backlinks to your website, you usually draft standard link request emails. Instead, i would suggest you to write testimonials for other websites. Everybody like to have some good words about their products or services offered and hence offer you a chance to express your opinions on the experiences you had through their product.

This could be the best way to build customer trust. While at other hands, it can be a great opportunity for your website to get a link and a quality traffic from that website. This way both of you get benefited. You get backlinks while they get one more testimonial added to their website. 

  1. Create a good guest post 

We all are aware of how important guest posting is. There are many websites that allow others to write for them and that also for free. The only thing you need to keep into consideration is that whatever you write, it adds value to the website. Your guest post should be about your company or brand. You must ensure that the post you submitted is a quality content.

The most important thing you should consider before writing to other blog is that whether the website or blog is relevant to your topic. If you keep all these things in mind you can proceed with your writing and link building. 

  1. Recover your dead backlinks 

Dead backlinks are the one that no longer exists and return a 404 error page. Although it’s not a worrying kind of thing. But dead backlinks in a bulk could be somewhat hazardous. Such dead links occur when some webmaster misspelled your link.

Also, these issues may occur due to re-launching or migration of a website to other domain. In this case, you need to redirect these backlinks to some other page.. 

  1. Get an indirect backlink from your competitor

It’s no surprise that some of your competitors link to the same sites. Link Juice Thief (LJT) identify places where you competitors commonly link to.

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