Looking for a New Investment Opportunity? Here’s Why You Should Open a Holding Company in Switzerland

Have you had a tremendous amount of good fortune in your life and are now looking to find the next great investment opportunity? Are you an eager businessman or woman who is always on the lookout for the next move? Holding companies are, in essence, companies that function by owning shares in another company without actually having to produce any goods or services themselves. They tend to fall somewhere between the idea of an operating company and an individual shareholder which allows them to control the companies assets, making it a tremendous opportunity for business owners, especially in progressive countries such as Switzerland.

Switzerland is known for its reasonable business laws, allowing companies and entrepreneurs to really make serious financial moves. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to consider opening a holding company in this amazing country as soon as possible.

Reduced Taxes

As long as your company holds true to the specific requirements set down by the Swiss Government, such as not conducting any other business activities in Switzerland and that at least two-thirds of your entire assets is a result of revenue produced by the other company, you can rest assured knowing that your business will have a wide range of exemptions and reductions in terms of your yearly taxes. This is because in Switzerland these federal taxes can be pushed off according to their rules and regulations, resulting in most holding companies paying close to nothing when all is said and done.

Exceptional Employee Pool

Another great benefit of Swiss holding companies will be the exceptional employees that come with the location. Few countries in the world invest into the education of their population quite as Switzerland does, and so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have a vast selection of qualified and respectable candidates for each and every position within your business. You’ll never have felt better leaving your company in the hands of your employees, giving you the confidence you need in their skillset each and every day.

Business Endeavours Outside of Switzerland

When you open a holding company in Switzerland, it’s true that you won’t be able to conduct other business ventures within the country. However, foreign opportunities are more than allowed, making this a great opportunity for business owners who live and work abroad. Continue starting up new and exciting business ventures all around the world while your holding company thrives back in Switzerland.

If you’re looking for an amazing investment opportunity that can bring you a hefty profit without having to create a new product, then a holding company is right for you. Keep these benefits in mind and start your business planning today.



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