Main Things to Consider When Buying a Server Rack

If you deal with data centers or server rooms, you can’t do without server furniture. These are specialized sets of shelves designed to provide quick access to network equipment and allocate devices ergonomically. These products protect high-precision hardware from unauthorized access and pollution, as well as maintain the required storage and operation conditions.

All types of server furniture differ from each other only in design: the rack is an open structure, and the cabinet is closed. Due to the variety of parameters, the choice of the right model is an important part of the design of a server room. To cope with the task with flying colors, one should keep in mind the criteria discussed below.

Criteria to Keep in Mind when Picking Server Furniture

  1. Rack parameters. Various models have diverse parameters (weight and height). The weight of some models reaches 150 kilograms, and the height can reach over 2 meters. A server rack cabinet is a heavy and bulky piece of furniture. Thus, it is important to take these indicators into account when installing and likely moving them around the room. In addition, it is necessary to provide for the size of the doorway through which it is planned to bring in or take out the product. If the aisle width is insufficient, it is possible to buy a dismounted rack.
  2. Rack capacity. The choice of a suitable size is dictated by the type and quantity of devices planned for placement. This indicator is measured in units, that is, equipment. One unit is approximately 44 mm. Space should also be allocated for hardware accessories: remote power control, backup power, environmental monitoring devices.
  3. Additional components. Sometimes it happens that the computer server rack system cannot withstand the permissible load due to a large number of additional devices. For this, such components are used:
  • Additional support brackets;
  • Base / plinth;
  • Splitters, sockets;
  • Varied number of types of shelves;
  • Items for organizing cables.

Additional accessories in server cabinets are designed to improve the performance of the hardware inside.

  1. Cooling strategy. During operation, networking hardware heats up and may fail if cooling is insufficient. Heat can leave a small closed space like an office or server room in five different ways:
  • Natural thermal conductivity. Heat escapes through the walls into the external environment.
  • Passive ventilation. Heat is transferred to a colder environment through a vent or grill without using a fan.
  • Forced ventilation. Heat is dissipated by a fan into a colder environment through an air vent or grill.
  • Climate control. Heat is removed using the building’s cooling units.
  • Dedicated cooling system. Heat is removed using special air conditioners.
  • Liquid cooling

It is important to understand where the rack will be located and in what way the cooling technology will be realized. When dealing with server racks, the issue of overheating is not so accurate. Open-frame models provide more heat exchange with the environment of the room.

  1. Availability of additional accessories. Look through the list of items includes in the pack. Some models are purchased with adjustable legs, additional shelves, splashboards at cable entries, power outlets, etc.
  2. Consider security. Server racks are characterized by open-frame designs, which means that hardware is not protected from outside influence. They are perfect for installing in closed rooms. If you need to get the highest level of security, an industrial server cabinet is preferable.
  3. Rack cost differs depending on the design, size, material, additional accessories. Racks are usually cheaper than cabinets.
  4. Depending on the model enclosure, cabinets are delivered disassembled or assembled. The process of assembly will not be difficult; all you need is a screwdriver. But some models are usually delivered pre-assembled. Unconditionally, because on the one hand, it reduces the assembly time. But, on the other hand, it will be extremely inconvenient to deliver the product to the place of installation. So, it’s worth considering what is more acceptable for you.
  5. A manufacturer. Prefer products from reputable well-known brands that have impeccable reputations. The quality of their products is approved and tested.

Variety of Shelves for Server Furniture

This is an indispensable part of any server rack or cabinet. Server shelves are different. They differ in parameters and purpose. When choosing shelves, one should keep in mind how much space accessories will take, as well as the fact that the rails with which the shelves should be mounted are most often located at a distance less than the actual depth of the cabinet. All kinds of shelves snap into a rack on all four mounting rails. Based on this issue, the following types of shelves are distinguished:

  • Due to its simple design, such items take less than one unit;
  • Shelf for heavy hardware is specially designed to hold big loads. The maximum weight is 150 kilograms. It occupies one-unit (1.75 inches) space in a cabinet or rack;
  • The design is like a one-piece shelf. Its main feature is the ability to adjust the rear mounting ears 4 inches less. For example, an 18″ adjustable shelf can be mounted on racks that are 14-22″ deep;
  • A ventilated type of server shelves is designed with slots for ventilation, which support additional air circulation inside the furniture;
  • Pull-out keyboard models contribute to an increase in the level of controllability of the equipment located inside a data center;
  • Rotating products are designed to fit regular-sized keyboards. The shelf rotates as it is pulled out;
  • Sliding models are selected for installing the devices, to which access is often required.

Rack Design that will Work for you

  1. Shelving: Choose a server rack shelf with a depth of 6 inches less than the overall depth of the rack. For example, if you have a 32-inch deep cabinet, choose a shelf with a depth of 26 inches.
  2. Mounting Rails: Most racks come with two sets of mounting rails. However, additional sets of rails can be ordered to facilitate rack loading and accommodate different depths.
  3. Select anti-tip legs to stabilize mid-to top-heavy loaded racks.
  4. Top panels protect equipment from foreign materials. Side panels offer security and are often available in several options: solid fixed, solid removable, and solid with vents.

Where to Buy?

The first variant is Sysracks. It is an official distributor of computer and server equipment. It is a trusted online platform where customers can find a wide assortment of products. Clients can pick and buy all types of server racks & cabinets, as well as all required accessories, at Sysracks.

The company provides a comprehensible approach to furnishing your server rooms or data centers. Together with managers, clients pick the most suitable option for any purpose or location. The brand has a high reputation on the US market due to the following benefits:

  • High-quality products from leading manufacturers;
  • Tested and certified equipment;
  • Warranty providing;
  • Quick delivery throughout the USA and Canada;
  • Competent managers who help find the best solution for your demand.

To summarize, note that the use of high-tech equipment presupposes a responsible approach to its installation. For this purpose, durable and reliable racks, on which the equipment will be located during operation, are used. Manufacturers offer a wide assortment of models so that each buyer can find an appropriate solution.

It is enough to determine your needs to choose a sufficiently functional and durable rack. By their design, they are single-frame and double-frame. The latter option is beneficial due to its stable design, which makes it possible to mount heavy hardware. Two-frame server racks can be of fixed or adjustable depth. Most of the models that can be found on the Internet are of two-frame type. The popularity can be explained by the high strength since fastening occurs at four points at once. Single-frame structures differ in their availability, but only two points will be used for fastening. The advantage of a single-post rack is its compactness, which can be a determining factor for a small room.

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