Online Divorce in Florida

The first thing that stresses your mind, when you plan to get divorce, is the hassles of lengthy procedure of filing documents besides other emotional factors.

Usually, grounds for every divorce are based on faults of one or both spouses that may be in the form of marital misconduct or broken promise that can lead to marriage breakdown.

Easy divorce laws in Florida

By virtue of law, Florida is basically a No-Fault state and accordingly divorcing spouses are not required to prove or provide grounds for filing for divorce.

As a matter of policy, Florida Dissolution of Marriage Statute intends to promote an amicable settlement of disputes between spouses.

This philosophy helps lessening potential harm to spouses and their children caused due to divorce.

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Filing divorce in Florida

The spouses while filing Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Florida are required to just mention irretrievable breakdown of the marriage as reason.

Applying for divorce is often projected as a long procedure with lawyers of both spouses representing them in court.

Florida is an exception as you can file for divorce without appointing any lawyer if both spouses agree to all the terms and conditions of the divorce.

The divorce law in Florida has a ‘Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.’ procedure that helps couples to get an uncontested divorce finalized in about 30 days of filing.

Under ‘Simplified Dissolution of Marriage’ Procedure:

  • Both parties agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken
  • Both spouses agree on all terms of divorce
  • Both partners must understand that no alimony is involved
  • They must not have dependent children, under 18 years of age
  • Wife must not be pregnant
  • At least one of the spouses must have lived in Florida in the last 6 months

Though Florida is a No-Fault state that has removed Fault as a necessary reason or ground for seeking divorce, yet  you will be required to prove that that the marriage is “irretrievably broken,”

If the divorce goes to court fault can still be considered during the division of assets and assigning alimony.In such cases, both spouses will be required to appoint their separate attorneys for the legal process.

For filing divorce, you will be required to complete the paperwork and fill all necessary forms which are provided or can be procured from The Florida State Courts online from its official site.

Filing divorce online in Florida

Filing online divorce in Florida, especially couples filing for uncontested divorce, is far more convenient, affordable and fast solution for preparing divorce documents.

You can follow this reference to know more about divorce over the internet in Florida:

You simply need to register on the website of the company of your choice and will be required to answer their queries about your marriage and proposed dissolution.

There are a plethora of law firms offering economical services for filing online divorce in Florida.They help you in preparing paperwork and filling of forms for divorce at a very nominal cost.

These service providers for online divorce in Floridaalso assure their customers for:

  • Their guidance on every step and stage of your divorce case.
  • 100 % guarantee for court approval. Most companies promise refund if your divorce forms are not accepted by the court.

Hence,online divorce in Florida is not only convenient but efficient too for individuals applying for no-fault and uncontested divorce.

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