Paint by numbers: How does it work?

Photography is good but painting is artistic! Friends are known for gifting each other often, whether it’s on their special day or normal day. But have you ever thought of gifting your favorite friend- pet?

Well, if not, here is an idea. Get him some custom pet portraits. With so many people keeping pets today, there are professionals who have made it their everyday duty to offer you the best pet paintings.

If you’re not okay with hiring a professional, you can as well paint your dog or cat. You don’t have to be one of the best pet portrait artists in town for you to paint your pet perfectly. You can cheaply acquire a painting kit that contains everything you will need to do the artistic work.

Among those available, is paint by numbers canvas kit. In this, you will find various tools that are meant to ease the process for you. These include:

  • A guide and high print-out for further instructions and guidance. This will help you use the tools correctly and paint your pet in the right way.
  • High quality, pre-printed canvas
  • A set of numbered oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting or Pencil, Colored Pencil or Charcoal Sketches- based paint
  • Paint brushes- small, medium, large.

You got the kit and all the tool available, so how do you paint by numbers?

Given there is a coded guide and a high quality print-out to guide you, the whole process becomes much easier. The guides could be different, depending on the kind of portrait you would like to have, but these few steps will guide you on how to go about it:

  • Get the space organized and lay out the canvas

You have to get everything set and ready for the process. Lay out the canvas to avoid staining the surfaces and other tools around.

  • Spread the paint cups that have numbers on them

Use the numbers on the cups to arrange the paint cups. This will help you use the right cups and avoid mixing them up

  • Match the numbered section on canvas with that on the paint box

The canvas has sections that have been numbered to help you paint correctly. Match these numbers with those on the paint box and get ready to start.

  • Select the right brush and start painting

Once you’re all set, choose the right brush depending on what you will paint first then start painting.


Painting is as easy as ABC when you have the right guidance. Getting a good tool kit and guide manual or print-out is the first step of achieving this. Once that is in your hands, the steps mentioned above will guide you through and the results are sure!

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