Real Estate Photography

When a potential buyer reviews a property, he usually seeks it online and needs to see pictures of the property. The photography of the property is a very crucial step, finding the best angle and lighting is very important to do justice to the property that is to be sold. You could also use raw editor and ask your retailer to help you get an idea of the features that you want to highlight about the property. The retailers usually seek pictures of the front view, the rear part and the patio. He might also want landscapes of garden or pool if any. Shops and the outer neighbouring area is very important to click in order to get an idea of the neighbourhood. All the important features that you think a buyer would want to see about the property should be highlighted and the pictures should be very beautiful so as to attract the buyer to actually visit the property.

Outdoor lights

Most pictures of a property are preferably taken in early or late day lighting for real estate. You can always use Google earth or maps to determine the best time for the clicking photographs. Searching these minute details only help in having an idea about what light will the house be facing, will it be facing the sunrise or the sunset or maybe none!

At times the dark photograph is requested by the clients where you require to click pictures in the dusk. You click the outdoor picture from the best angle showcasing the house in the best possible way! You would have to turn on all the lights inside the property and click the picture at a time where the dusk is behind the house. After the sunset sky is in complete balance with the rooms light exposure you click the picture and get a masterpiece.

Inside Photographs

Picturing a house needs a little perfection and imagination. You should always ask the client to set up the main areas with proper lights and tidy environment. You should make a list of areas which are a must for the pictures before the photo session. The client needs to have the main rooms like the kitchen, sitting room, study room bedroom or the master bedroom in a very tidy position and it should not be a mess.  If there are libraries they should be very well managed so they attract the buyer from seeing the pictures itself.

Camera Equipment

You need basic camera equipment to get started. A camera, tripod stand and lens would be a good kit for start-up.  You can also learn how professionals use supplement lighting and Photoshop techniques and use them as their lifesaver!

Your camera should let you allow to insert a cable release, different lenses, a flash, and wireless triggers.

Shooting techniques vary from, HDR, exposure blending, light painting with multiple exposures and wireless flash. No matter what your shooting style is, the camera needs to be fixed and at no cost, it should move. This would guarantee image alignment of numerous exposures. You can use the camera’s auto-timer, wireless triggers or a cable release, to ensure there is no camera movement at all.

Below is a summary of what is important.


Things to remember when you are doing real estate photography:-

  • Your customers will only expect professional work from you. Always remember you not photographing for your own self.
  • Get the gear that is actually required, do not pile up on everything.
  • You need to master the art of creativity and manage angles, composition and perspective.
  • You should try to master the technical side of high definition range, color matching, exposure, and blending.
  • You need to be careful while processing images for real estate. You need to remove power lines so as to avoid representing the property in a false way.