Reasons Why Flavourless Vape Juice May Be An Excellent Idea

Many people are excited about the variety of flavours of vape juice available, which is why some people who do not smoke take up vaping. However, you may wish to consider trying a flavourless vape juice that will have many benefits for you and your vaping device. Below are some of the reasons why using a vape liquid that has no flavour is beneficial and can save you money and be better for your health.

Some Flavours Can Be Bad For Your Health

The ramifications of vaping are still largely unknown, and although it is healthier than smoking, more testing needs to be carried out in this area. However, some research shows that some flavours of vape juice may be harmful to you with prolonged use. Some of these flavours include vanilla, strawberry, banana, cinnamon, and menthol, and these are also some of the most popular flavour profiles with vapers. The chemicals used to replicate the flavours may be harmful to you, so you will want to avoid any that have Titanium Dioxide and Diketones to ensure your vape juice is not dangerous for your health. Vapoholic e-liquid, UK made, can offer flavourless vape juice with no harmful chemicals, and as they are a UK company they are fully regulated, unlike many suppliers based overseas.

Flavourless Vape Juice Will Always Be Available

There is nothing worse than finding a vape juice that you love for it all of a sudden not to be available for one reason or another. In countries like the UK, the vaping industry is heavily regulated, and there are times when flavour profiles are no longer available because of directives from the UK government. A flavourless liquid will always be available, so you do not have to worry about it suddenly disappearing from the shelves, and you can no longer find it anywhere.

No Need To Worry About Spillages

Another excellent benefit of flavourless e-liquid is that you do not have to worry about staining if you spill it anywhere. Unflavoured vape juice is colourless and much less sticky than flavoured ones, so if you spill it, it will not stain everything. A quick wipe with a damp cloth, and once the surface dries, you will never be able to tell that you spilt your vape juice everywhere.

The Coils Will Last Much Longer

Another significant benefit of flavourless e-liquids is that they do not clog up your vaping devices like flavoured ones. The coils in your vape device will get clogged up with your flavoured vape juice and often have to be changed every few weeks or so, depending on how often you use it. Flavourless vape juice does not do this, so you may find that your coil can last as long as six months when using it in your vaping device.

You also find that unflavoured vape juice will last much longer than ones with flavour so that you can have a bottle in your cupboard for six months, and it will still be okay to use. It will also not turn a dark brown colour, and the taste changes when the liquid oxidises, which can give you a funny taste in your mouth when used.

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