Reasons why you loved adventuring wildlife on the Sapphire Coast

It’s that time when you look forward to heading away with the family for a few days away from the hurly burly of the city to enjoy some quality time together. Your decision on where to was made in an instant.

As last year, you will be heading to the beautiful seaside town of Merimbula, with friendly locals, great restaurants, and plenty of fresh air to enjoy. You all simply loved making use of the available Sapphire Coastal Adventures for several reasons.

  • Last year was the first time that you and your son had been on a fishing charter, and what a thrill it turned out to be. Being novices didn’t hamper you in any way, if anything it added to the thrill, and you cannot wait for another trip.
  • All your bait was provided along with all the equipment so that you felt confident within a few minutes of being welcomed on board by a licensed captain and his crew who couldn’t have done more to make your charter fun and a great learning experience.
  • Being under experienced sea fishermen meant that you were given the best advice while the skipper headed to the best reefs using his local knowledge so that you had the best chance of landing a catch.
  • The look on your boy’s face was priceless when he caught his first fish, before he was shown how to fillet it before you took it back to your wife and daughter with the couple you snaffled so you could barbeque them for dinner.
  • The four of you were captivated going out whale watching, with the Sapphire Coast being a fantastic location to enjoy it. You got to see Humpbacks and other species passing on their annual migration and return from Antarctica, grabbing some amazing photos as they passed.
  • You got really lucky as the whales on your trip obviously hadn’t read the rules that stipulate that a boat must stay 100m away, when they conducted what is called a mugging. The boat had to halt allowing them to pass, which allowed for a special video.
  • The ocean wildlife adventure tour was also stunning as the trip lasted a couple of hours along the beautiful coastline offering an insight into local wildlife.

You are all counting down the days until you will be back somewhere that you recommend to your friends and family, thanks to Sapphire Coastal Adventures.

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