Sycor: Canada’s Leading Cable Manufacturer

Sycor Technology has been Canada’s leading manufacturer of cables and wires since it was founded in 1981. It operates out of an impressive 40,000-square-foot facility that is located in Mississauga, Ontario, manufacturing its products there and sending them to a worldwide clientele. The variety of markets that Sycor serves is impressive as they range from military and aerospace to solar energy and from gaming to utility and water treatment systems.

Robotic Cabling

One type of cabling that this custom cable manufacturer is known for is robotic cabling. The demands that are placed on cables in automated types of environments are significant, and they need to be able to handle continuous full-range-of-motion flexing in harsh conditions for long time periods. Sycor ensures that its cables are ready for those demands.

Shipping Options

Sycor provides a number of shipping options. Many take advantage of a 12-month blanket purchase order so that they can enjoy a number of benefits. These include being assured of no change in the price of the products being sent their way during that time and being able to utilize Sycor’s storage options until they are needed. The latter benefit can be a significant one for places with little storage space of their own.

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