The Positive Impacts Of Computers On Society

Lately it seems like all we hear about are the dangers of AI and how computers are somehow stealing our souls. I just don’t see it that way, so let me tell you why.

School days

It was 1971 and I was failing second grade math- badly. It turned out I had Dyscalculia, but learning disabilities were not yet in vogue. Fortunately, I had a forward-thinking teacher who realized something was wrong- this wasn’t a failure of will, I wanted to learn, and got straight A’s in everything but math! My teacher gifted me with a Texas Instruments calculator. He decided the most important thing was for me to be able to function in society, and with a little help from my electronic friend I would survive. That was my first computer, a very simple one, but I think it qualifies. Did it help? You bet! The next thing I knew I was in college. I was also cursed with terrible handwriting, and had struggled all through school to present work my teachers could actually read! Typing helped, but my submissions were more white-out than bare paper. Once again, a wise teacher came to my rescue by introducing me to the newfangled word processor. This changed everything, my GPA shot up a whole point! Thus began my love affair with computers.

The world of today

Nowadays computers are everywhere, doing almost everything! Industry would be at a standstill without the help of the programming logic controller. No libraries necessary now, information is available at the touch of a screen. Science, education, business, government- all rely on computers! Even the average household has a computer for every family member. The folks balance the budget or search for the best shopping deals, while the kids do homework and kill thousands of digital monsters. Enter a college coffee shop and there’s a laptop in front of every student as they work on their thesis over a double machiatto. I remember thinking portable phones were the bomb, now I have one that’s not just a still and video camera, I can surf the internet, watch TV, listen to music, create digital art masterpieces, and write a novel on it. I can also call people!

So, I think computers are the greatest. If you don’t agree, try not using one for a week and see how long you last. Beep-Beep- You have mail!

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