Things That Can Reduce Your Website Speed Performance

Conversion rate can drastically decline with the reduction of the website loading speed. It has been found, that just a delay of a second in website speed, it can cause the conversion rate to reduce by 80 percent. This shows that page loading time is an essential factor that determines website performance.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about technical factors that help in slowing down the website performance.

Hosting Service or Network Service

If the website is acting very slowly online, then it can be due to any problem in backend of the site. This type of glitch happens to be prominent when the website gets hit by large traffic. There can be a possibility that the resources of the web host are falling short to the need of the website. It is important to locate a better web hosting service or upgrade your existing hosting service.

If the slow performance happens frequently, then you need to consider the following technical factors. If your website is hosted on a shared web hosting system, then you must upgrade it to cloud system or take a dedicated web hosting plan. This will improve the performance and speed of the website too.  Metapress is the best online digital resource to learn about how to make a website.

Issues with the visuals

Images form a key part of the content at the time of narrating a tough topic in a simple way. When these images aren’t optimized, they can adversely impact the speed of the website. The size, dimensions and format of an image can all contribute towards the webpage loading speed.

When the size of the image is larger and present in the header or background, then it can take a lot of time for the website to get loaded.

Things that you need to consider for visuals:

  • Size
  • Number of visuals contained in a web content
  • Format
  • The ‘src’ tag for inclusion of images in HTML

More HTTP Requests leads to more page loading time

HTTP request consumes a lot of page loading time. The number of HTTP requests is based on the number of web elements that your webpage houses. Optimize the elements that you require on the webpage.


When you are targeting the website loading speed, it is essential to consider all the above technical factors that can contribute to the slow loading time.

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