Three Tips for Finding the Best Auto Insurance Policy

Finding the right car insurance policy is about more than choosing a company and paying the premium. It’s easy to forget that no two policies are the same. No two policyholders are the same, which is why car insurance companies offer many options to drivers. What you need depends heavily on what you drive, where you drive, and whether you make payments on your car or you own it outright. If you’re struggling to find the right car insurance policy, these tips can help you narrow down your options to make an educated decision.

Choose a Highly-Rated Insurance Company

You have options when it comes to finding insurance companies, but the cheapest company isn’t always the best company. Look for highly-rated companies with ample customer satisfaction and good ratings with the Better Business Bureau. You get what you pay for and paying very little for insurance can sometimes mean you’re paying for poor service and more problems than you want. Checking out GAINSCO reviews and the reviews offered by customers of other insurance companies is the easy way to see if customers are satisfied with their service.

Check Your Credit Report

If you’re shopping around for insurance so you get a great policy and a great price, start with your credit rating. Many insurance companies use your credit score to determine your rates. Not all do it. If an insurance company uses your credit to determine rates, they typically view you as a riskier driver if you have a low score. Checking your report allows you to fix any mistakes and dispute incorrect information. It could take up to 30 days, but you can improve your score before you shop for rates.

Know What You’re Getting

No two policies offer the same options, and you must know what you need. Every state has a minimum insurance requirement, but you might also have additional requirements if you still owe money on your car or lease the car. You might also have different needs depending on where you live and work. Make sure you know what kind of coverage you need before you shop. This helps you get a better idea of what the total cost of your policy is in full rather than receiving an incorrect estimate.

There are many ways to find a great insurance policy that’s also affordable. Don’t forget to ask your insurance agent for discounts for being retired, for being married, and even for driving infrequently. Being on the road less makes you a less risky driver. You also get a nice discount with most companies if you offer to pay your premium upfront rather than in monthly installments. You can save as much as 10 percent this way, and you also get to save on monthly draft fees as well as paper statement fees.

You won’t always find the best coverage for the lowest price. Your job is to figure out which policy is the best for you and see how it fits into the budget. Your overall cost is important, but it’s also important to know you have the coverage you need in case of an accident. Call around, compare rates, and compare policy coverage.

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