Top Reasons to have an Electricians Number Handy

Many of us like to think that we are a reasonable handyman around the house and can fix or repair a variety of household maintenance issues as and when they crop up. Sometimes though there are problems that really need to be dealt with by the professionals especially when working with something potentially dangerous like gas and electricity. In the period 2016-17, 90% of all electrical fatalities were non electrical workers. Becoming a qualified electrician is not something which is achieved overnight, in fact it can take years of training, because given its dangerous nature, it has to be absolutely certain that the person fully understands every aspect of the job, before he is allowed to call himself an electrician and come to work in your home.

Electricity is Everywhere in our Homes

If you stop to think about the amount of electrical appliances in our homes, the number mounts up very quickly. Generally the first thing we do when we come home in the evening is to turn on the lights, which are running on circuits that travel around our house. When a single light goes out, we assume it is the bulb, which is simply replaced, but what if all the lights, or all of the lights in one area aren’t working? Naturally, we have a look at the fuse board to see if anything has tripped and sometimes a simple reset clears the problem. But what if it happens again? Where in the circuit is the problem? This is when you need to call a professional. An electrician in Adelaide will have a strict methodology to follow to find the root cause and repair it, which they can generally do fairly quickly and safely. Once we are in the house, two of the most likely places we are likely to go is to the fridge or into the lounge to turn on the TV. These both run on different ring circuits from the lighting and were designed when installed to be able to deal with the amount of power you were likely to draw. A common cause of power tripping out is when people are using multiple power boards from one socket, with too many appliances drawing too much power. It is time for a rethink on the fuse boxes ratings for the circuits or new circuits to be installed.

Other Electrical Uses

When our power goes, everything goes down with it, the lights, the fridge and freezer, the air conditioning, our internet and communications, along with our security systems. There are lots of potential problems with any and every electrical device in the house, and none of them should be touched by someone who is not professionally qualified. Remember that when you use a professional electrician, you will be issued a receipt and a guarantee on the work. An insurer will be less than impressed if you have managed to burn down the house, because you took into your own hands something you shouldn’t have. Electricians and plumbers are two of the trade people that you always hope you are not going to need, but whose business cards you should always have handy, ready for an emergency.

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