Use Customs Consulting to Speed Up Your Move To Canada

Living in the United States, interstate travel is quite familiar. As a matter of fact, it is actually probably quite commonplace. After all, each state is really only a few thousand miles across, so it easy to drive from one to another; you could even cover several in a single day.  Of course, you can also hop on a plan and connect to another city in the US in just a matter of hours.

Living in the United States, travel to other countries is much more difficult, even if you want to travel to Canada.  While you could drive from the US to Canada in the same you as you could drive from Montana to Wyoming, you will have to cross an international border and that involves satisfying many intricate regulations.

Indeed, while both the US and Canada have similar cultures, laws, and even economies, getting across that border is just like trying to gain access to any other country.  And that means moving from the US to Canada can also be somewhat complicated—but that does not mean it has to be difficult.

International laws—particularly those involving importing and exporting—are quite regimented.  But what do these laws have to do with moving from the US to Canada?

Well, when you bring your possessions across that border—with the intent of a permanent move—it is much like you exporting from the US and importing to Canada.  This can affect which belongings you can bring or what duties/taxes you might have to pay, and is particularly true of major possessions like your car.

This is where Clearit customs consulting can help you.  They know all the ins and outs of the paperwork and which particular regulations will pertain to your situation.  You can get assistance with filling out this paperwork as well as schedule an inspection to have your motor vehicle certified for operation on Canadian roads.  A customs clearance agent could also walk you through power of attorney to expedite your importation process. Finally, they will help you close your Bill of Sale documentation, which will certify your property ownership.

Completing the forms will not take very long.  What can take some time is waiting for your paperwork to be processed.  For this reason it is important to plan far ahead to allow as much processing time as possible.

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