What can your Claim after a Car Accident?

Recovering after an auto accident is not only painful; it can be time-consuming and costly too. On top of your mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering, you may miss work, face substantial medical costs and also incur additional expenses that arise from the accident.

Although you may be aware that you are eligible to file for compensation under the law, you may not understand the kind of compensation that’s available. Often, it’s more than just the medical expenses and lost wages. Working with an experienced lawyer from Naqvi Law Firm is a great way to ensure no money is left on the table. These lawyers have dealt with hundreds of accident cases and can estimate the worth of your case right off the bat. They also work with other professionals to assess the extent of the case as well as current and future expenses that you’ll incur, so that your compensation addresses all of these issues.

Here are the types of compensation you may be entitled to after a car accident. Note that the compensation you get following an auto accident will depend on a range of factors, including the state you’re injured in, the car you’re injured in and whether the passenger or driver all play a role in your compensation. After an auto accident, you can recover for:

Lost wages

If you cannot go to work due to injury, you can get compensation for missed working hours (and paycheck). You may also be entitled to loss of PTO benefits along with other employee benefits.

Property damage

Property damage includes the cost that you incur to repair or replace your car. It can also feature a property that was in the car or the car and was consequently destroyed on the accident. Once the insurance adjuster approximates the cost of the damage, your personal injury lawyer can add it to the settlement offer.

Pain and suffering

This is the amount awarded to you to compensate for the reduced quality of life that you suffer as a result of the injury and losses. The money paid often depends on the kind and extent of the injury that you suffered and the severity of the financial burden and pain. Pain and suffering settlement can also include emotional damage that arises from the accident, like anxiety. In some cases, it can also include loss of enjoyment of life.

Medical expenses

After an accident, you may suffer minor or severe injuries. Irrespective of the extent, you’ll need to get a full medical examination and treatment. Depending on the seriousness of the injury, you may need to go through doctor consultation, physical therapy and cognitive therapy which cost money. You may also incur more expenses on getting ongoing care and treatment, in-home care services, medical supplies, and ambulance fees. Your lawyer will help you get a settlement for all these expenses, so you don’t end up financially drained.

Out of pocket expenses

In addition to the above costs, you may also incur miscellaneous costs like taxis, rental cars, over the counter medical supplies and parking tickets at the hospital. Your lawyer will include these expenses in your settlement offer too.

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