What do you look for in a car?

There is more to a vehicle than the color, shape, fuel efficiency and brand. Some years back, air conditioning, CD option, and power steering were a bonus. Today, thanks to technology vehicles are very affordable, and essentials are no longer just basic. Features and equipment that you could only get in luxury cars are now fitted in city runabouts.

Most people are more concerned about space, price, engine, headlights and reversing sensors. They forget important features such as wireless connectivity, navigation, rear seat belt warning, spare tire, and the five-year warranty. These features may seem unimportant, but they are everything when it comes to the driving experience. If you love music, you have an idea of what this means. Wireless connectivity with USB and Bluetooth options gives the luxury of listening to any radio station in the globe through the Tune In app present in most smartphones. You can wireless link the music stored in your phone or any portable music device to the car’s music system.

A car is not just a machine. It is a personal space, a home on wheels, a mobile lounge for family arguments, a love-hate and a paradoxical source of geographical liberation and financial entrapment. Cars mean a lot to us, and everyone needs one. Hence, it is worth taking the time to have a look at the Maruti Baleno review.

The Maruti Baleno

Maruti is famous for its powerful and economical vehicles. The brand competes with top brands such as Hyundai. The Maruti Baleno is the company’s premium hatchback model, and it is sold in four versions, the Zeta, Delta, Alpha, and Sigma.  The car is sold through the NEXA dealership network, and it comes in seven colors. It has both diesel and petrol variants


Looks are subjective, but the Maruti Baleno has a distinctive style. It has a Swift-like front due to the lamp’s shapes that resemble the Swift.  The front grille is however uniquely laid, different from the other Suzuki models. The chrome outline runs upwards towards the grille and neatly blends into the headlamp. The lamp has a tiny LED lamp for daytime and the projector xenon lighting. You can comfortably drive the car in the dark, owing to its very bright lights. It has a round bumper at the front a sharp detail at the front.

The curvaceous exterior is cleaner and uniquely styled. At the rear, the Maruti Baleno adopts an intense look with the raked windscreen, sloping roofline, and high waistline. It is a powerful vehicle with a rear spoiler and LED lamps for sportiness. The smaller windows and high boot lid at the rear boost the vehicle’s road presence.

Regarding design, Maruti Baleno resembles Swift. The Baleno is however quite conservative with the smooth corners and soft lines on the front.  The vehicle is not very different from what is in the market. It does not have any outrageously unique or futuristic aspects that would stand out from the current hatchbacks. Being a personal thing, the New Liquid Flow design is an appeal that stands out from other hatchbacks.

The interior

At first sight, the interior appeals with a no-nonsense clutter-free design. It has black seats and a black premium dashboard, which is a massive break from beige. The panel is kind-of flat, which is a perfect fit for the design. There is a modern center console that neatly fits the stereo and climate controls. It has a contemporary instrument cluster and a color TFT multi-information screen.

When it comes to comfort, the front seats adjust for 6-foot adults, and the legroom at the rear can comfortably accommodate similarly sized adults. It is quite comfortable with a relatively flat rear seat floor and a width of two and a half adults. Luckily you can adjust the driver’s seat height, for a suitable driving position. To quickly customize your driving position the tilt and reach adjustable steering comes in handy. The good thing is, the buttons and switches are within reach, making the driver’s space ergonomically fit. The boot has 339 liters of storage space.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 is among the best-selling cars in India as it meets all the basic expectations of the consumer group it targets.Maruti Alto 800 is the most pleasant and subtle looking car that has been based on the current Alto platform. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 on road price starts from 2.53 Lakh. Check out Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Price.

The newer version seems a completely advanced form of the original Alto. The updated Alto 800 continues to be powered by 800cc 3-cylinder petrol engine which produces 47bhp and 69Nm of max torque. The same 5-speed manual gearbox is on offer, however, if you want clutchless driving experience, then shell out some more and get the powerful Alto K10 model.

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