What to do when you get Whiplash &Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in an Accident?

Whiplash injury is the most life-altering injury that is usually suffered in a motor vehicle accident. In a whiplash injury, people usually wear a neck brace to support their neck and to encourage healing. People get Whiplash injury when their neck moves suddenly from forward and backward or side to side due to a sudden force in a motor vehicle accident. The passengers of a vehicle are not able to control their body during the sudden movement of a vehicle and or in a collision and as a consequence the soft tissues of their neck over-extending beyond their normal limits. If you or one of your dear one suffering from a Whiplash &Traumatic Brain Injury which was happened due to negligence of other driver, you may get the best assistance from the best personal injury lawyer in Ottawa. Only an attorney can help you in getting the desired compensation.

Recent research has proven that people who have experienced a whiplash probably experience concurrent traumatic brain injury (TBI). During an accident, when the brain compresses, twists, and distorts inside the skull too much, it may get both mild and extensive injuries as well as electrochemical disruption. In such a case, people feel dizziness, headaches, weakness, fatigue, neck pain, and upper extremity numbness and tingling. Immediately after the injury, the people may not notice the symptoms of whiplash or TBI.

Get Medical Assistance:

It is quite important to seek medical attention after a vehicle collision.  The physician will examine your full body, including all your injured parts. The doctor may diagnose the severity of the neck pain, swelling, spasms, tenderness, and range of motion. Moreover, the physician may recommend you to get done some test such as X-rays, MRIs, CTs, or other scans that will help to examine the internal body damages.

After all diagnoses, the doctor may show you the severity of neck damage by assigning the grade that ranges from 0 to 4. Grade 0 shows no pain and no sign of injury, as the grade increase the severity of your neck injury increases. Beside it, during suffering a whiplash injury, you may feel unable to work, function, and carry out your daily activities such as; household chores or going to the job.

In such cases, the doctor refers to different types of treatment such as; chiropractic care, physiotherapy, TENS, bracing, massage, acupuncture, and pain management medications. These treatments may pinch your pocket a lot. If you have insurance then you may get $3500 for soft tissue injuries.

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