Why Podium Steps Are a “Must-have” for Workers Who Work at Heights

Jobs that involve having to climb up a number of metres tend to be very risky. Accidents are a common occurrence while doing such jobs, especially when proper precautionary measures are not put in place. The National Safety Council (NSC) in the United States identified “falls” as the third major cause of injury-related fatalities with construction workers, warehouse workers, and wholesale traders being the major victims.

Different equipment has been designed and manufactured in a bid to reduce the risk and also ensure ease of movement and comfort while doing these jobs. This equipment includes ladders, scaffolds, and podium steps, amongst others.

Podium steps have long been in existence and are beginning to gain more ground with their improved designs and modifications that allow for easy movement and use. This article is aimed at emphasising the designs of podium steps and why they are a must-have in jobs with a high risk of falls.

Comfort and Stability

The special design of the podium steps ensures comfort and stability and their wide base of support ensures a reduction in the risk of falls. A look at some of the designs of podium steps from the experts at Toptower reveals some designs such as the Deltadeck, which allows for easy movement on the platform and also creates more than enough space for two people to work comfortably with their tools and other equipment well accommodated.

Ease of Transfer

The wheels at the stands of the podium steps allow for easy movement as it can be pushed from place to place by only one person without having to dismantle and reassemble it; this reduces stress. Features such as the guard rail and the non-slip feet prevent the wheels from moving while in use, therefore ensuring protection. An example is seen in the design of the Sherpascopic Telescopic podium step that comes with an automatically closing gate with its new guardrail system that allows for 360-degree protection from falls.

Also, the podiums are built in compact sizes, allowing them to be easily transferred from one point to the other while still assembled.


The podium steps are designed in such a way that they can be collapsed and folded while not in use. When folded, some are able to enter into spaces as small as a car trunk; this ensures easy transportation from one place to the other. The small size also means that they can be kept in enclosed spaces such as garages and stores without much consideration for the space occupied. Easily foldable podium steps, such as the Raptor podium step, come in small sizes that allow them to be stored easily.

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