Why turn your loved one’s ashes into diamonds?


After losing our loved ones, we feel pain and all we know is grieving. It is okay to grieve but we should also be thinking of ways to have them close to our hearts even when they are gone. One suitable way to do so is by turning ashes into diamonds. Diamonds can be created from our loved one’s ashes as a way to keep their memory alive. The diamonds are always formed using a specific chemical process responsible for filtering the cremation ashes and recreating them with carbon ashes that can be used to create beautiful and amazing diamonds. The diamonds created from cremated ashes can be molded into any size and shape. If you like, it can also be used to make jewelry such as earrings, rings, and even necklaces among others. There are many reasons why you should consider turning ashes into diamonds. Here are some of them

Turn ashes into different shapes of diamond

Unique diamond shapes are another reason why you should consider turning diamonds into ashes. One can choose between different shapes and diamond styles. Among the shapes that you can choose include round cut, princess shape, emerald cut, and Asscher cut. You only have to decide on the shape that you think will look beautiful and go ahead with your order.

 Ashes into jewelry

Apart from just turning your loved one’s ashes into different shapes, you can as well choose to turn them into jewelry. This is the best way to make sure that our loved ones are near us all the time. Bu turning ashes into diamonds, you will not just be putting your departed loved ones close to you but also turning them into precious metals that will last forever. This is the best way to have your loved ones close for eternity. You only have to decide on a type of jewelry that will be a constant reminder of how important they were in your life.

Keeping them close to you

There are many ways to keep our loved ones close to us and one suitable way is by turning their ashes into diamonds. When you turn your loved ones into ashes, you will always have the feeling that they are close to you. In case you turn them into a piece of jewelry, you can choose to wear them all the time or on special occasions that remind you of the departed one.

Feeling satisfied

We do not have control over whom we lose but even after they are gone, we can still turn their ashes into diamonds as a way of keeping them and feeling the satisfaction that they will always be with us. If you turn their ashes into bracelets, for example, you can wear them every day. This is not only a way to show love but also a great way to still feel their presence. If you have been wondering how you can still feel the presence of your loved ones when they are gone, turn their ashes into diamonds.

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