Why You Must Stop Trying To Sell Your Influencer Accounts On Instagram

Everyone knows why you should not try to sell your Insta followers on something they don’t want. You can get banned for it, you can get your account deleted and you certainly can get the Google slap for submitting spam. There are better ways to build your Instagram following however. Here are some reasons to get more followers on Instagram.

People buy Instagram followings because it is all about perception think of it as a social popularity contest. Some people purchase instagram followers (seguidores) mainly because they are simply getting started and need to purchase a thousand extra followers to give themselves that little boost.

Others buy instagram followings purely for the purpose of building their email address book or to start engaging in real life conversations with other people who might be interested in their product or services. Whatever your reason is, it doesn’t really matter because once you have instagram followers you will always be able to attract people to your page via the use of videos, links and other multimedia content.

So what are the advantages of having high-quality accounts with high-quality photos? High-quality accounts are viewed by a far greater number of visitors and are therefore always visible in the list of trending topics or subjects viewed by users on Instagram. This gives you an advantage over your competitors.

If you have followers who only view your instagram photos occasionally or view them sporadically then you probably have a smaller number of regular or faithful followers. On the other hand, if you have followers who are constantly viewing your instagram photos and videos then those will be the people who are most likely to become loyal or frequent instagram users.

If you have a large number of inactive accounts on Instagram then you are losing a potential source of active and interested followers every day. This is because people who are not actively using instagram do not tend to share their content or follow others on the platform. inactive accounts do not have the opportunity to reach the levels of popularity that active accounts have, which means that the number of likes for your photos and videos are very low compared to the numbers of likes for your official account. This means that even if you get a few likes for each of your instagram photos and videos you will not have the numbers to sustain a high-quality account level on Instagram.

The third and most serious problem that occurs when you have fake account users on Instagram is that they can steal your information. There are several reasons why an Instagram user may try to steal your information, such as trying to reset password codes, use of instagram fill code to login, and even trying to use your real name along with a fake name on instagram.

It is vital that you make it clear to your fake followers that they will only receive messages from your actual Instagram account and that they must not give out any information to these people. Once this is in place you will be able to reduce the risk of them stealing your information.

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