You should pay attention to these when you study in the United States for the first time

Many international students choose to seek help from a study agent when they are not confident to apply to study in the United States. However, there are a variety of study agents, you can refer to the online study agent evaluation (also known as  留学中介测评) on the Internet to make the best choice. After graduation, the identity problem will be the most troublesome thing for everyone. The h1b visa an d the green card (also known as  h1b绿卡) is generally chosen by everyone, but the application is very difficult. You can entrust it to a professional law firm, such as goh1b. The reputation among international students is very good. goh1b has a high level of professionalism and a very good service attitude. It is the first choice for international students.

The first year of studying abroad is often very difficult. At this time, international students must not only adapt to unfamiliar environments, huge educational systems and different eating habits, but also integrate into American society and understand American culture as soon as possible. If you want to improve your English as soon as possible, you need to go out and actively communicate with the Americans around you to understand their culture. In the process of communication, you should avoid some minefields and taboos, and learn to respect the locals. Customs and habits. It is absolutely not allowed to play jokes and say some discriminatory words.

The United States has very strict academic requirements. If the exam is closed, cheating, plagiarism, attendance is too low, and GPA is too low, it is easy to be expelled or warned by the school. And if a student inadvertently violates school regulations because of studying in the United States, it is very uneconomical to be dismissed from school because of discriminatory discourse. Because many students are not subjective and deliberate to say these words, more because of cultural differences caused by misunderstanding, but it has brought a devastating blow to their study abroad career.

If you are not allowed to obtain a degree after being persuaded by the school to study abroad in the United States, you will not be able to pass the academic qualifications when you return to China. Undoubtedly this is a very sad reminder. Because returning to the country can not give a certificate to his degree, then it is equivalent to the highest degree before going abroad, and it will be difficult to find a job later. In China, whether you want to enter a large state-owned enterprise or a foreign-funded enterprise, you need to issue a degree certificate. If you do not meet the corresponding threshold of education, the employment will be much narrower.

In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to find a job in the United States, and work visas have continued to tighten. Many international students, especially those with sensitive majors, have been blocked from applying for h1b visas and have been reviewed by the Immigration Bureau. For the sake of insurance, many people choose to seek the help of professional h1b law firm and goh1b is the first choice. goh1b has been welcomed by the majority of international students with professional level and good attitude.

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